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FAQ for 2halves

"£15 pound a year sounds bit cheap to me, so how good is the service?"

Speed and Performance is comparable to the other SMS Football Alerts services out there. Typically you would normally receive alerts up to 3 minutes after goals are scored. Half Time and Full Time messages tend to take a little longer, sometimes up to 5 minutes as all the half time and full time scores tend to come in at the same time.  Goal Alerts are spread over the 90 minutes so they are received quicker.   We monitor a host of results services to check the latest results. As soon as a result comes in you are sent a text. Texts usually take 1-8 seconds to arrive. It’s worth remembering though that the mobile phone network can, at times become congested and so message may sometimes be delayed. This is would happen on a premium services too, it’s no different.

"What if I change my mobile number in a season?"

Once you are registered you can email us anytime to let us know of any changes to your details. Emails are monitored constantly, so long as we have about 24 hours notice, it’s not a problem.

"How many teams can I receive results for?"

As many as you want! Just register a new team or contact us if you are already registered. Remember its £15 per team, per season.

"Can you send me the alerts via email too?"

We will anyway. This service is included free of charge. Whenever we send you a text, we’ll email you a copy too.

"I receive enough rubbish and SPAM in my email account now, you wont send me any junk will you?"

Never. Our pet hate is SPAM and unwanted emails. We will never ever share any of your details with anyone. You will only receive emails from us that are either alerts or important information about our service.  We won't just send you 'random adverts'.

"How many texts will I receive?"

Depends on the team, league etc. As an example in the Premiership last season for one teams supporter would have received over 180 texts, whereas another teams supporter would have had less than 150. Average in the Premiership last season was 169. That’s an average of 4-4.5 texts per game. But remember, it doesn't matter how many you get, you won't pay anymore.

"How do I pay for the service?"

After registering your details, there is a PayPal 'Pay Now' button shown. Payment is made through PayPal. We are looking at other possible methods of payment to reduce costs.  For instance, we would consider a cheque payment BUT you will not receive payment until the cheque has cleared. Contact us for further details.  enquiry@2halves.co.uk

"What teams does your service cover?"

At the moment, Premier, Championship, League 1 and League 2. Technically, there is no reason why we could not add other teams if there is a demand (such as Scottish, Conference or perhaps from a European league). Please contact for more information.  enquiry@2halves.co.uk

"What countries do you text to?"

At the moment, we are only concentrating on UK mobile numbers. However, again technically we can text to more or less anywhere and any mobile in the world. Please contact for more information if you might be interested in receiving alerts on a foreign number.  enquiry@2halves.co.uk

"Can I receive texts while on holiday?"

As long as your phone works abroad then yes. Just beware though that some mobile phone companies might charge a premium to you to receive phone calls or texts while abroad. Not all do, but check with your supplier.

"Can I register for next season too?"

If you want to do that now, contact us at the usual email address. Otherwise, we will email you at the end of the season so you can easily renew your membership then.

"Can I suspend receiving any messages?"

Well, why would you want to? You have already paid to receive them all season! But, if you want to, just contact us.  enquiry@2halves.co.uk

"What if I buy the service, but its no good?"

We're convinced that’s not what you'll think. However, if for some reason after the first week of your membership, you change your mind and do not think it’s for you. Simply contact us with 7 days of the game and we will cancel your membership and refund your money.   enquiry@2halves.co.uk

"I have a question that is not listed here, where do I get the answer?"

Email us enquiry@2halves.co.uk