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History of 2halves

A while ago (around February 2008) I made a decision that I was going to join one of the many SMS Football Goal Alerts service. After all, I was struggling to keep up with my teams' games. That's if I did remember when they were playing (especially the evening games) I would constantly check the score on my mobile phone or if at home on the TV or the Internet. It was like watching a boiling kettle, the longer I watched the less likely it seemed there would be a goal. I would sometimes check my phone 20-25 times during a game. I had friends that were worse. I wanted to know as soon as my team scored or was scored against. Don't we all?

It dawned on me what a waste of time it was, checking my phone or TV just to see the score was still 0-0. I'm sure I was the same as many other people on a Saturday afternoon, keen to know my teams score. Some people seem happy doing this, checking the TV, Internet or a phone 25 times a game. But I prefer to just be told the score when something happens, like a goal, Half Time or Full Time. I can go and do something else and just be told when my team has lost rather than keep checking myself. I'd compare it to phoning for a taxi and having a choice between standing out in the rain getting wet and cold and constantly waiting for it, keep popping out every 5 minutes to see if the taxi has arrived or, my preferred option getting the taxi driver to call me when he has arrived and is waiting outside. Which would you prefer?

As I said, I decided I was going to join an SMS service, so no longer did I have to keep checking the score myself, I'd simply be told when a goal had been scored, when it was half time, full time whatever. I joined one of the 'big' companies services, I won't mention which one. The texts were 25p each and were taken directly off my phone bill which I didn't like, I would have preferred to have just paid for it on my credit card. During the first week I joined, I received 19 messages in a week! I'd spent nearly a fiver in one week. At this rate throughout a season I would have spent well over £100. I left it a week or two then decided after nearly £20 of texts I had had enough and cancelled the service. I was angry because the service itself was quite good. My messages arrived sometimes quicker than Sky Sports updated its score centre. I just thought it was a bit overpriced.

It was then I decided that I was going to write my own software to text me the scores as and when they appeared for my team. So I did. I had a few family members that supported the same team as me so I set them to be text as well. They loved it, I loved it. It worked as well as the premium services costing me 25p each. But cost me less to run. Soon friends heard about the service I had started, and asked to be text messages for their teams too. Soon their friends found out and so it grew. Each of these people I decided I would charge a set fee, after all it was costing me to send these messages. I worked out an average amount of goals and how many games an average team would have had the previous season. Then, going by the cost of the text for me to send worked out a fair amount to charge people. It grew a little more and people commended me on the service and how cheap it was. It was then a friend of mine suggested expanding the service and making it available to anyone. To create a website where people could register their details and just pay a fixed fee to receive all the half time, full time and Goals for all the league games their team plays in a season. So, 2halves.co.uk was born.

So, how much for this service? My main complaint about the other services is that 25p per text is just too much, there are many other services from all different companies. They all do the same thing, I'm sure they all as good as each other. And, they all charge a ridiculous amount! I decided that I was going to charge a fixed fee, it had to be an amount that was going to cover my costs. Its not fair on me to run at a loss, on the other hand I'm not doing this to make a big profit. If I was, I'd charge per text, NOT a fixed fee. The amount I have decided on, and remember, this covers every text for your team for the whole season you do not pay a penny more. You pay it as one lump sum, once its paid, just sit back and wait for the texts. That amount is just £15! To put that into perspective £15 would not even be enough to text you the Half Time and Full Time scores for one season on one of the other companies Alert services. And you'd just have to forget about any goal alerts!

So there you are. I am hoping that to some of you paying upto £150 at the moment for this service, might consider cancelling it, and start using this one which could be ten times cheaper! Stick two fingers up at those big corporations, who are raking it in by charging such a stupid amount for a simple service. Maybe, if you are like me, this might have been a service you once considered, perhaps even had, but felt that 25p a text is just too expensive. There is now a much cheaper alternative.

If you take the service out with us and after the first week you feel that perhaps it wasn't what you thought, so long as you contact us before your teams next game we will refund the membership and cancel you messages. Its risk free.

If you have any questions with regard to our service please contact us by emailing enquiry@2halves.co.uk , We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.